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We back up your promise.

When you obtain a bond through Howard Eales, Inc., you’re not getting an insurance policy, but rather a secured promise to fulfill a role or responsibility. It’s a legal way of making someone keep a promise. It’s a guarantee that the professional with whom you’ve entered an agreement will perform the obligation you’ve agreed on – it’s usually stipulated in the bond. For example, a contractor on a large construction project in downtown Washington, D.C might be required to provide a guarantee that they’ll be able to complete the project as agreed; or a defendant in a criminal case might supply a bond that promises they’ll return to trial when it occurs. The bond becomes void once the project is complete or the insured event occurs.

Know what you’re getting.

When there are over 30,000 different types of insurance bonds available at any time in today’s market, it pays to have an insurance specialist in your corner, helping you make sense of it all. Howard Eales, Inc. insurance services provide you with the perfect bond for your needs.

Trust our half-century of experience.

If you need a specific guarantee that your performance will meet the expectations of the contracts you’ve entered, if you need a court fiduciary, other business services, or a surety bond, you can trust Howard Eales, Inc. to come to your aid. You want the reliability and experience of an established firm on your side, like Howard Eales – you’ll have a half century of experience on your side. Get all the benefits of a full-service bonding agent but with very competitive pricing.

Our customers are satisfied.

At Howard Eales, our proven track record of aggressive, responsive dedication to our customers’ needs speaks for itself – we retain 90% of our personal and commercial policy holders. Because we’re an independent insurance agency, we can offer you flexibility and the power to lock in the best rates for the products you need. Howard Eales does the comparison shopping for you – all you have to do is contact one of our professional insurance agents today. We can help you find the right surety bond for your needs.

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